This Bout EP

by Mackenzie Keefe

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This is my last EP under the name Mackenzie Keefe. Creating this was enough of a struggle to show me I'm the kind of musician that needs collaboration to thrive. New projects/releases coming soon.

Download for bonus remixes by Minack and Indian Islands:


released 09 August 2013




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Track Name: Out of Frame
I stared at walls for hours on end,
Hoping this time they might find signs again,
When words appeared I called them out,
Attempting to misuse this bout

Shake me, I'm taking,
Pictures daily,
Creating spaces out of frame again

When winter went I took it back,
Left the weather and took the better half,
I'm bleak and bitter but not bruised,
I wrapped my head in bandages for you

Make me, I'm breaking,
Best shots baby,
Creating spaces out of frame again
Track Name: The Host
Feeder, I can imagine you complexly,
Wishing for something like the rain to drop,
Lead her, into temptation in broad strokes,
Your tendency to cope with the sudden stops

Like you did when you hid,
From the imaginary canal system plot,
We all have something sad,
Burning deep in our stomachs that one day will rot

But you, you're forever in shades of red like your most,
Vibrant set of color that you save for the days of the host

Morning, shine upon me like the maternal,
Paradigm shift in a ditch in the dark,
Matters, fade to jet black as the last ones,
You wrote off for carvings and sampled the bark

I'm still here, with the fear,
Of an elastic feeling of your trailing off,
I'd still cut, anything once,
For an illusionary positive report

And you, you're forever in shades of red like your most,
Vibrant set of color that you save for the days of the host
But me, I'm a valiant kind of man, the weakest type,
With a total lack of the colors that you had in mind
Track Name: Bait
Bait, you were well upon your way,
When you asked for me to stay,
I looked in your eyes,
And said the last thing that you need dear,
Is me to want to be here tonight

Bait, could have named the time and place,
But you asked me to display,
What I thought was right,
I could become a casual Caesar,
But it's anything to treat her right

Oh here comes the fear of five million dying men,
I feel stupid, I feel anxious, you're the first all-weather friend,
After all the shit that I've been through, I can't do you

Say, while you were back there did they,
Start to ask from March to May,
If there's surprise,
In every aspect of their career as if you'd want to stay clear of fright