Big History

by Mackenzie Keefe

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Sean Knipe
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Sean Knipe Incredible album. To me, this album is glued together by mack's hard work and emotion that's nearly tangible

My favorite album of 2016 Favorite track: Trivial.
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released April 15, 2016

Derek White - Drums, additional engineering
Kyle Foley - Guitar
Jesse Hall - Mastering, additional production
Kevin Foley - Artwork




Mackenzie Keefe Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Maximo
Take the cause out of conquest,
And all the world is a sign,
This wine changed my name to Lucid,
This cupid shoots in two-lane lines

I turned you loose so you could spread out,
Then came running back that night,
Too much space can give a man a purpose,
A worthless, air-conditioned life

When I have no concept of time,
I'll walk around, and I'll be fine,
I'll wear a bright blue suit with a coat,
The angels will sing, the parents will gloat,
That it's been so long since I've loved you, Maximo

When I have no voice to connect,
I'll bring a hat to pay my respects,
I'll wear a nice bright wedding gown,
The angels will sing, the parents will frown,
That it's been so long since I've left you
Track Name: Olympiad
If someone's staring through the glass,
Their only concern is their reflection,
When you feel free at last,
I'll be glad to reject your affection

You feel like my being honest,
Seem to like both more in concept,
I feel like a spouse in the corners of your house, Olympiad

Since your train ride pilgrimage,
You've looked at me like I'm your Mecca,
But I can't fix you stitch by stitch,
Without a few flaws when you're together

You, a half dead horse, repeating,
"Can't walk faster than your heart is beating,"
I can't seem to pick the piece of you that fits, Olympiad

I feel like a mouse when you take off every blouse, Olympiad
Track Name: Small History
Grandma's ghost is still married,
My friend's folks are starting clean,
But you and I are somewhere in between

Suck the life out of me,
Godless purgatory,
The "friendzone" kids are flying in at speeds unseen by me

Clark Gable had a gaze,
You gave me all your little frame,
Then took it back and signed it with my name

I forced myself for platonic,
Reasons I would later see unfit,
To imagine you, as complex as that is, so you could talk shit

I want to drop all my Freudian typos,
So you can start problems and fold up your elbows,
And I can ignore how I ended a song the same way on my last record
Track Name: After Ask
Baby says she drinks last swigs,
Just to spite my tendencies,
She don't like endings or the rest,
Just beginnings, so she says

Tell em what you wanted decades after ask,
It's the socialite's curse, you're first at last

Post-cigarette, fingers black,
Tasteful regret, empty rack,
She don't like endings or the back,
Half as much as what I lack

Marlboro reds and blueberry cake,
My white guilt and your tan face,
I was wrong
Track Name: Spinster
I've got eighty thousand reasons not to be a spinster in my teens,
But solitude's serene,
When crowds of cronies seem never to notice me

I've got nine disguises, nom de plumes exhuming loved ones from my dreams,
And selling them to me,
On silver platters, screaming "give me a second"

I've had it in the bag,
Before men in cabs took all I had left,
Tell me why, everything I choose,
All goes back to you

Sixty-seven reverends send a blessing to my dressing room each week,
Telling me to breathe,
A mixture of fixtures, bleach, and some flavor packets

All my demons take the weekends off for leisure time,
But I'm not fine by any classical means
Track Name: Marjorie
I woke up sick and made a wish,
That I had time for sleeping on the lawn,
I'm better now, been sober for an hour,
This bed breeds perspective when she's gone

She could have been a mixed signal at a single's mixer,
If only he knew when to say when,
Marjorie, demolish me,
You're the only person I deserve to see

Name a time when everything was fine,
And I'll point out a million holes in trust,
But you are kind, been filling up my mind,
Every time I wind up on the bus

On the count of three, we'll age gracefully,
And I'll never ask a question of your hair,
Track Name: The Thought of You
Spent a few months with ventriloquists,
Crossed my legs and hoped to die,
Trying to learn how to sync up your lips,
With this script that I've revised,

Drowning doesn't mean I'm sinking,
And tired doesn't mean I need sleep,
And dying alone don't quite mean dying single

Just when I start to mingle, I think of the thought of you,
Then I try to write all of the things you do,
I run out of ink, and then I can take my cue,
To be alone with the thought of you

You remind me of my therapist,
I could talk to you all day,
Fill you in on what you might have missed,
Though it always stays the same

I've had friends that went through wringers,
Just to prove what they had wrung,
But that's the thing about hornets,
They can't worship once they've stung
Track Name: Big History
You're building me up, Ontario,
You've been calling while I've been crawling,
You woke up to find that you're mine, parts and all,
All in all, up the wall

You're making it tough, so please don't go,
You've been calling while I've been crawling,
I woke up to find all the signs you left so small,
Walked down through the hall