by Mackenzie Keefe

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recorded from august 2016-march 2017 in avon, massachusetts


released April 21, 2017

mackenzie keefe - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, drums
tyler mills - guitar (1)
derek white - drums (2)
conor powers - trombone (5,9)

jesse hall - mastering
kyle crone - cover photo




Mackenzie Keefe Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: There Is a Mirror
there is an image, i'd like to describe it,
by myself, without recycling

there is a woman, a tall glass woman,
and she likes her new environment

she will keep me right where i don't like,
in between the outside and her side

there is a mirror, i'd like to align it,
but my brain needs some tightening

it will keep me right where i don't like,
in between the outside and my side,
sort the garbage, call it what you'd like

i've been telling a lie about the nine to five, yes i know,
i've been digging a ditch while you're sewing the stitches, i'll go,
i'll go looking around in the lost and found for a phone,
empty the church and tear down the steeple,
i never thought i'd like so many people
Track Name: My My Astrology
you stretch your arms out,
and suddenly i slip,
into a fatal grip,
the coffee stains your mouth

you can trust me,
i know how long it's been,
since you've been next of kin,
the coffee spits you out

with nothing to be desired,
start a country with your hometown pride,
and when you start to demonize, i'll know you're leaving me

forget your bad luck,
because i'm bathrobe bound,
and while it's safe and sound,
the quiet tears me one by everyone

you're high above me,
but i can't lift you up,
the smallest talk is just the quiet screaming loud

it would take nothing to know me,
i am my astrology,
but every january baby needs to see a fuller wine glass
Track Name: Sumo
if you need a friend, my legs will extend,
i'll come running,
when those kids were mean, it only made you seem,
like a monk then

sumo sumo sumo,
tell me honey where did you go,
i was there the first time you laid in line,
i was there the last time you called me mine

sumo sumo sumo,
tell me baby how did you know,
i would be the last one to decide,
you were wasting all my precious time

when the spark is near, and you think you feel,
something burning, with nothing turning,
think of who you were, and the day you turned,
into someone counting nine lives left,
eight of which were stuck inside yourself

save the ones you love,
call the ones you love
Track Name: You Are What You Wear
when you look like a california dreamer,
i feel like an irony machine,
or some kind of oracle, if somebody would listen

something tells me there's a space between us,
be my baby or stay my genus,
i'll change my species if you change yours too

some people go to work,
some people go to school,
some people reinvent themselves and don't know what to do

but i say, you are what you wear,
and that's alright

there's nothing like it, when the color matches,
a leather jacket with some pleather patches,
i'll walk down the city feeling like errol flynn

and when you feel your skin begin to tighten,
we'll make some jackets in some bigger sizes,
no beau is beautiful if they don't feel that way

some people going out,
some people staying in,
some people like to fix their hair, no matter thick or thin
Track Name: Shiva
we grew up simple like our parents did,
we found some brothers in the other kids,
they said 'there's no reasons for seasons when we've got you'

i saw you sunday at the townie mart,
your hidden bruises and the battle scars,
you said 'there ain't nothing but nothing you can do'

there's a shiva in you, no no rockstar

i took you home so you could meet the wife,
we cooked three courses, then turned down the lights,
when the dog got frightened by lightning, you came to

he says he hopes that he's still happy at an old age,
but he don't know if he's happy in the first place,
i wish that i could turn you into someone you'd be proud of in the long run
Track Name: Mind Song
hush little nothing, pay no mind,
all this light coming up from behind,
it was so nice to see you, it opened the door

day by day, sign to sign,
finding out what went wrong with my mind

unknown lover speaks in tongues,
all my life bleeding back into one,
i felt my breathing and looked at the floor
Track Name: Stereo Guardian
she came to see me, her head full of prison cells,
asked me to draw her the god that she knew so well,
is it so long since then, stereo guardian?

we learned our real names and cast out the older ones,
we drink our spray paint and cough up the work we've done,
is it made stronger then, stereo guardian?

in this life, i'll be an actor,
in the next life, i will be free,
spare me and change the radio station,
i'd rather be what i will be
Track Name: Neon Moon
neon moon, oxidate my air,
tell me i'm a fool for trying to grow out my hair,

body stay, always in my way,
close my curtain to be certain you'll grow up some day

little room, stacked haphazardly,
falling into patterns passing through what's left of me
Track Name: The Young Life
i picked bets on a big star,
i said yes, but that's not what he said,
'hold the divine, you'll like what comes after'

i dropped out of the young life,
just to see that that's all become me,
'hold the divine, you are who you'll be tomorrow'

the sky looks clear at the bottom

i went back to the big star,
and we agreed that he'll never save me
Track Name: Not So Big
it's not so big,
you just needed to be outside for a while,
it's not so big,
you just needed to be outside for a while

all the people who love you take all that you know,
empty you out, bring you back to the store,
it's not so big, you just needed to be outside

it's not so big,
you just needed to get some sun in your eyes,
it's not so big,
you just needed to get some sun in your eyes

all the people who know you reach out for your hand,
just to remind you what they understand,
it's not so big, you just needed to be outside