from by Mackenzie Keefe



we grew up simple like our parents did,
we found some brothers in the other kids,
they said 'there's no reasons for seasons when we've got you'

i saw you sunday at the townie mart,
your hidden bruises and the battle scars,
you said 'there ain't nothing but nothing you can do'

there's a shiva in you, no no rockstar

i took you home so you could meet the wife,
we cooked three courses, then turned down the lights,
when the dog got frightened by lightning, you came to

he says he hopes that he's still happy at an old age,
but he don't know if he's happy in the first place,
i wish that i could turn you into someone you'd be proud of in the long run


from SUMO, released April 21, 2017




Mackenzie Keefe Boston, Massachusetts

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