You Are What You Wear

from by Mackenzie Keefe



when you look like a california dreamer,
i feel like an irony machine,
or some kind of oracle, if somebody would listen

something tells me there's a space between us,
be my baby or stay my genus,
i'll change my species if you change yours too

some people go to work,
some people go to school,
some people reinvent themselves and don't know what to do

but i say, you are what you wear,
and that's alright

there's nothing like it, when the color matches,
a leather jacket with some pleather patches,
i'll walk down the city feeling like errol flynn

and when you feel your skin begin to tighten,
we'll make some jackets in some bigger sizes,
no beau is beautiful if they don't feel that way

some people going out,
some people staying in,
some people like to fix their hair, no matter thick or thin


from SUMO, released April 21, 2017




Mackenzie Keefe Boston, Massachusetts

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