from by Mackenzie Keefe



if you need a friend, my legs will extend,
i'll come running,
when those kids were mean, it only made you seem,
like a monk then

sumo sumo sumo,
tell me honey where did you go,
i was there the first time you laid in line,
i was there the last time you called me mine

sumo sumo sumo,
tell me baby how did you know,
i would be the last one to decide,
you were wasting all my precious time

when the spark is near, and you think you feel,
something burning, with nothing turning,
think of who you were, and the day you turned,
into someone counting nine lives left,
eight of which were stuck inside yourself

save the ones you love,
call the ones you love


from SUMO, released April 21, 2017




Mackenzie Keefe Boston, Massachusetts

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